Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Confessions of a 28 Year Old Geek Girl!

I've been meaning to make a post lately but my life has gotten busier and busier everyday. With work, spending time with my lovely pooch Jojo, the constant needs of my Mom & Dad, my niece Sophie that I get to see a couple of times a week and then add my newest obsession (Keep reading to find out what it is) I just don't have the downtime I had become accustomed to anymore. I know, I know, spark up the band and start playing the violins, I'm going to start making posts again or at least try to. :)

Passing On & Getting Through

This morning I woke up early and got myself ready to attend a funeral for a dear friend that I mostly communicated through Facebook. She was a lovely woman that was in her late sixties and had a wonderful spirit. We began talking through having mutual friends and then realized that I was the daughter of a woman that use to run around with her kids, *The stories she must know of my Aunt and Mother being ornery teenagers* as I look through our messages on my Facebook dating back to August of 2011 until her last message to me on June 28th letting me know she wasn't doing well(I'm starting to tear up) We were modern day pen pals that seemed to have a lot to talk about ;). Two months before her chemo I felt an overwhelming desire to see her and finally talk to her face to face, I sent her a message and then called her to get directions to her house. I was greeted with such love and warmth by her and her wonderful husband. We sat and talked about life and even death, I knew she had fear of dying but I got the feeling it wasn't for herself but for her family. I could tell this woman was the center of the family, the rock that kept it all rolling. When someone passes on I often remind myself that the Bible says that we should mourn at a birth and rejoice at a death, It's something difficult to do but within that text it reminds us that we are leaving a world of such pain, misery, evil and entering one with incredible love and happiness of which no one on earth can even imagine. I love you Paula, and will be waiting patiently when I meet with you again.

My New Obsession

A while back I happened to catch the show Extreme Couponers on TLC and it completely blew my mind. How these women were able to get so much for their money was unbelievable. I was inspired to do that same myself but found it too difficult an decided to just shop smart and stretch the dollar that way. Well, I decided to give it another go at it an have had much success at it this time around. Mainly due to following the coupon hashtag on Instagram. It was much easier to follow than the many Facebook and websites out there that post the deals daily. I have a stock pile, it's small but I love it and often just go in my utility room to look at it lol.

I'm not at expert level yet but here are some things that help me.

Newbie Nonsense

1. Try to get at least 10 Sunday papers every week. I would also check them first before buying because there are those couponers that like to swipe the inserts without paying *they give the rest of us a bad name*, plus on occasion and sometimes on holidays there will be no inserts so don't waste money on them if there isn't anything to gain.

2. Find a filing system that works for you. I started out with a binder but found myself spending hours clipping coupons so I decided to file the whole insert and then clipping the ones I need. I will eventually clip more and then add to my binder but I'm still finding out what works for me.

3. The binders that are most helpful are the case it ones but any would do to be honest. Along with getting the baseball card sleeves which you can purchase at Walmart. I happened upon these while I was there WalMart Coupon they are great to start out with.

4. Look up coupon hashtags on instagram. examples: #coupon  #extremecouponers  #couponing, these will lead you to people that have found the best deals in real time. Follow me on my Instagram, just search for randijean23.

5. There's an App for that! Yeah, I said it and I don't care, there are lots of apps that will help you coupon. For example ibotta will give you extra savings on products you buy. Check out this video from The Krazy Coupon Lady's . These ladies really know their stuff.


Comic Con -  My Thoughts

I really don't understand all these celebrities dressing as if  this were a red carpet event! All I could think was "you really know who the real nerds are".

Sorry, I just had to get that off of my chest!!!!

Anyway, I really enjoyed watching all of the youtube vids of Comic con, I'm sure one day I will make it out there but with all the coverage, they really make you feel like you're really there. Of course the big news surrounding the event was the announcement of the Superman sequel that will feature Batman sans Christian Bale. I am so excited about this and I want to let everyone know that I feel Richard Armitage would make the best Batman. I really like him as an actor and as a good looking man. I know that they will be picking a veteran actor for Batman which is why I think he would do the role wonders.

Well, until next time ya'll :)

-Randi Jean

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are You a DeadHead!!

A few months ago, my dad and I were surfing through the 300+ cable channels on tv and were getting pretty restless with the many movies and tv shows that are constantly being shown over and over again. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a movie play on HBO on demand and then to see the same movie being shown on Showtime. I imagine the cable companies are laughing at us for paying so much for the same programing every month.
Needless to say there wasn't anything on, so while my dad took a break from switching back and forth to go and stare endlessly into the fridge I swiped the remote and began a search of my own. I saw a movie called DeadHeads, it looked interesting so I pushed the info button on my remote to get the details of the flick and thought it was interesting enough to give it a try. My dad wasn't as enthused as I was so he kept himself in the kitchen. As I began to watch I found myself laughing out loud to the hilarious situation zombie/buddy comedy that was before me. My dad heard me from the kitchen and wanted to know what I was laughing at and I said that this movie was freaking funny. He made me restart it from the beginning so that he could watch also. I'm proud to say my father loved this zombie movie and so did I.
Now, to get to the even more awesome part of this story. I went in search of more info on this movie and quickly added the actors and actresses to the many social media profiles I associate myself with. After a few days I came up with an idea. I had recently gotten a job at a video rental establishment and wished that I could rent this movie so I could watch it over and over again. So, not sure what I should do to get the movie in the store I reached out to the main actor of the movie. I wasn't expecting much since he could very well be another self absorbed, holier than though, person of the industry, type actor (there are a lot out there) that could turn me down and tell me to get lost. I decided to take the chance anyway and to my surprise I was met with a wonderful person that was all too eager to help me out. He got me in contact with the producer of the film Andy Drummond. I explained to him the situation and how I would love to get the movie rented out in the store.
We chatted back and forth about what could be done and came up with a plan. He decided to send me copies of DeadHeads himself!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I quickly gave him my address and waiting patiently by my mailbox :)
After a few days I received the package and couldn't get it opened fast enough. There they were, right in from of me, 6 copies of DeadHeads. I had only expected 5 so as I looked at the 6th one I realized that one was meant for me to have and was signed by all actors, directors, and producer Andy himself. I couldn't believe how wonderful that was. It was such a wonderful gift that I got on my computer and wrote them how happy I was about it. I had to work later that day and took the remaining copies of the movie to the store to get ready for rental. I told any and everyone the story of how I got the movie here and they were all too interested to rent it for the night. I made sure to ask them what they thought of it as they returned it to the store and they usually responded with a smile saying they enjoyed the humor.
I felt happy with myself and everything that was done to get the movie here. Thank you so much to Andy, Brett, Drew, Michael and everyone at FroBro Films.
AND if you live in the Southern Illinois area, come by Raubach Video and rent DeadHeads, you won't be disappointed ;).
Thanks so much
Randi Jean

Friday, May 17, 2013

My Favorite things!

Lately I have been trying to mix up my makeup routine to match the type of weather we have here in Southern Illinois but that often leaves me with an oily mess on my face. The weather here is unpredictable (no matter what the local weather man says, and yes, he has called me out on this type of comment on Facebook lol.) One minute it's sunny, then humid and then it's raining! It drives me nuts and trying to look decent through all of it is just impossible but I have been using some products that have made my life a little easier.

BB Cream

I'll admit I'm new to the BB Cream craze and I thought nothing was better than my beloved Make Up For Ever HD foundation (that costs me $42.00 at Sephora) but I felt the need to look for cheaper alternatives because like my mother use to say "I'm not made of money" and that "Money Tree" in the backyard has yet to sprout plus I noticed that my MUFE foundation is quite heavy on my face. I was unaware of this when I purchased the Garnier BB cream (12 bucks) and used it for the first time before going to work.

I didn't think I could get this much coverage with a foundation without it feeling the that level of heaviness. I absolutely love it, I'm hoping in the future that Mary Kay comes out with a BB cream. I also like the element of sunscreen protection that goes along with it.

Something else I'm also loving about this foundation is that they offer different foundations for people with oily or dry skin. The only downfall I see is that there needs to be much more color options for the different skin types. Other than that I'm completely happy with this product!

MK Finishing Spray

I had mentioned this product in my previous post but now that I have been wearing it for awhile I can give a thorough review on it.

I started out with spraying it in a X motion BEFORE I put on foundation and then spraying my face again, in the same motion after I put all my makeup on. It really worked and even my eye shadow stayed without creasing. I was really happy when I came home from a very hot day at work and my face didn't look like an oily mess. It's definitely worth the money.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Yes, it's true, I am back on the Mary Kay wagon. I started selling MK back in 2007 and I loved every minute of it. Of course with college, a part time job and the drama that gravitates around my family I decided too take a very long break. I then joined up again in 2010 under a different director but I didn't feel the closeness I had with my last group so I felt that it wasn't the right time. So, here I am again, doing it all over again only this time I found my old group and they happily accepted me back in.
I'm extremely excited this time around because I feel I have a handle on customer service and makeup/skincare knowledge. After working in a video rental store that provides tanning I feel I might get a lot of business from people wanting to revive their complexion after sucking the life out of it lol. I see a lot of young teens trying to tan away their acne and I feel the need to pull them aside and say that it doesn't work that way.

But I want to stress to everyone that reads this, that this doesn't mean that I will only be featuring and going on and on about MK makeup. Nope, that's not me, I like featuring products that work and I'm not big on BSing people especially when it comes to their money. :)

However, I want to feature a couple here for now. I seem to see a lot of teens coming in the store with these problems -----> Of course tanning won't help this it will only make it scar even more and scarring won't ever go away unless you spend thousands of dollars to get rid of it. The one product that comes to mind that  would help this tremendously would be MK's Microdermabrasion. I'm telling you it really works, no joke. Professional microdermabrasion cost LOTS of money which most people don't have but often make themselves go broke just to relieve themselves of something that makes them feel ugly. MK's microdermabrasion is a wonderful product that isn't as expensive as others, actually I think it is the cheapest on the market.
Another product I was excited about was MK's makeup finishing spray that was developed by Skindinavia. I was so excited when I saw Skindinavia's name was attached to the product. I've always wanted to try a finishing spray (especially MAC's spray) but I always found it way too expensive, but now I'm freaking out over this spray!!!
Well, that's all I wanted to share with this post. If anyone out there would like to buy these products or receive a look book from me just go to my Mary Kay Site. Whatever products you buy will be delivered directly to your home.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Geez, I need an UPDATE!

I realize it's been months since I have made a post, uugghh, it is true what John Lennon said, "Life is what happens when your busy making other plans". That, in a nutshell is exactly what happened here. I got an awesome job, doing something I absolutely love and then started having health problems etc. etc. After all that I feel like I'm a little back to normal.

My Job

I started work at a video store and let me tell you it's the best job I have ever had. First off it's easy as pie. Nothing confusing about it but I did have a little miss hap when I accidentally charged a woman's debit card 150.00 for 15.00 worth of movies but luckily she was cool and she got her money back and didn't overdraft.
I honestly can't believe I get to talk about movies and recommend them to people, which is what I do mostly. I am slowly learning more about the tanning part of the store. I'm getting good at helping people pick out lotion that would benefit their skin type. I can't believe people spend good money on some of that stuff, I mean we have a sold about a dozen bottles of Snooki tanning lotions that are $50 a pop and the Kardashian Glow still sits on our shelf due to it being $85. Geez, she must think a lot of herself but here in Southern Illinois it just doesn't pay off.
On top of everything else I get to watch new released movies 5 days before they hit the shelves for free!!! This has to be the best perk of the job!!

My Health

I was having some problems with my sides and abdomen and ended up having to get a colonoscopy because of it. I was super scared because I had never been put under anesthesia before but everything went smoothly. I can't believe I was so nervous about it. The outcome was that I had gastritis and some bowel problems that some fiber in my diet couldn't fix. I thank God that he was with me during this time. I now have to focus on getting my gallbladder removed. my Hydascan showed I was at 17% (which is not good) and I need to do something about it. Not looking forward to it but I am much more relaxed about it since I experienced anesthesia already and ended up being okay.

On To The Geekiness

I can't wait until the new Superman movie Man of Steel!!! Yay it's finally here. Don't get me wrong I
love my Avengers and everything but it seemed as if the Movie Awards was all about them and nothing about Man of Steel. Maybe because Henry Cavill wasn't there personally or maybe they were avoiding an overshadow with The Avengers but whatever reason I want me some Superman!!!!
I'm so excited about the new Superman movie that I bought one of those .88 plastic cups of him at Walmart haha. Proof that I will buy anything with Superman on it. I still haven't gotten the official Man of Steel shirt yet but I will definitely have it before the premier. I believe I will have to take a trip to Hot Topic.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Geek Giveaway!

CHRISTmas Giveaway!

It's finally here, my spectacular Christmas giveaway!
*What you win*
1. Brave - Collector's Edition DVD/Blu Ray
2. The Walking Dead - The latest comic from the series #104
3. Maybelline Mascara (Very Black) & Baby Lips (Pink Punch)
*How to Enter*
1. You have to join the blog as a member. It's located in the 5th box on the left under the heading, Followers.
2. You have to write a comment in the comments section of this post describing what makes you Geeky! I will be making a link at the top of the page that leads straight to this post so you won't lose it, as I will be making other posts all month.
.....and that's it! That's all it takes and you will be entered into the Giveaway!
*Rules & Info*
The Giveaway is open to US and Canada residents only. The contest runs from December 1st - 25th 12:00am CST. Upon winning, I only ask that when you receive your prizes that you send a pic of yourself with them, so that I can make a post of the winner. The winner will be chosen randomly after the end date and time.
If you have an questions regarding the giveaway, please direct them to this (Email). 

Thank you and have a Great, Geeky Christmas!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday INSANITY!!!!

My Black Friday GETS.

This was my first real Black Friday, and I was determined to get everything I wanted, even if it meant knocking down a few people to get it :). Fortunitely I didn't need to, I went to a smaller Walmart which enabled me to bypass the masses.


I spent 6 hours at Walmart and more than half the time standing in a line. When I came home I was exhausted and my feet were soooo sore. Probably going to do my future Black Friday shopping ONLINE!!!!
Things I wanted but didn't get:
1. The Better Homes & Gardens 700 thread count sheets - $19.96 There were people huddling around the big box/bin and my brother was wondering why until he saw it was just sheets! I wish I could have scored a set of them but since people were taking them 2 to 3 at a time I was out of luck.
2. Beauty Rest Gel Memory Foam Topper - $29.88 luckily my brother got a hold of one of these for my mom but couldn't get one for me....boo.
3. Towels - $1.48 I looked at these and wasn't too impressed with them, they were so thin and stiff but for $1.48 they were worth getting I suppose.
Things I did get:
1. LG Blu Ray player - $38.00 I've been looking for an affordable blu ray player and I stood in line for 45 minutes for this one.

2. The Big Bang Theory season 5 - $9.96 I always wait till Black Friday to buy the newest season of TBBT because it always goes on sale but this year it was under 10 bucks so I was diving into the all those dvd's for this.

3. Green Lantern- $1.96   Couldn't pass that up even if I didn't care much for it.

4. Brave - $8.96    This was the collectible dvd/bluray edition and I would have beat down an old granny for it.
5. The Watch - $14.95    This wasn't on sale but I loved it and I had to have it.


I only went to Sears because this is where and when my dad gets tools. Hes' a craftsman nut and needed my help finding things. I have to say, since we went around 10am on Friday, when most of the crowd had died down it was actually a pretty pleasant experience. We got everything we wanted and what was sold out we ordered online when we got home.
What we got IN STORE:
1. Craftsman Adjustable Mechanics Seat - $19.99  I bought this as my dad's Christmas present.
2. Craftsman Cordless Rechargeable Work Light w/35-LED Lights - $16.49 Another Christmas present for dad.
Things My Dad Bought:
1. Craftsman 20-inch Hand Tool Box - $9.99
2. Craftsman stapler/Brad Nailer  -  $11.49
3. 2 Craftsman Heavy-Duty Air Hose - $12.49
4. Gearwrench 32pc ratcheting set - $79.99
5. Craftsman  118pc Mechanics tool set- $59.99
And some other stuff but can't remember all of it.
We also bought towels, pillows, throw blankets, and a Craftsman coat that my dad really liked. It all ended up totaling up to $400. Wowzers, right.