Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Confessions of a 28 Year Old Geek Girl!

I've been meaning to make a post lately but my life has gotten busier and busier everyday. With work, spending time with my lovely pooch Jojo, the constant needs of my Mom & Dad, my niece Sophie that I get to see a couple of times a week and then add my newest obsession (Keep reading to find out what it is) I just don't have the downtime I had become accustomed to anymore. I know, I know, spark up the band and start playing the violins, I'm going to start making posts again or at least try to. :)

Passing On & Getting Through

This morning I woke up early and got myself ready to attend a funeral for a dear friend that I mostly communicated through Facebook. She was a lovely woman that was in her late sixties and had a wonderful spirit. We began talking through having mutual friends and then realized that I was the daughter of a woman that use to run around with her kids, *The stories she must know of my Aunt and Mother being ornery teenagers* as I look through our messages on my Facebook dating back to August of 2011 until her last message to me on June 28th letting me know she wasn't doing well(I'm starting to tear up) We were modern day pen pals that seemed to have a lot to talk about ;). Two months before her chemo I felt an overwhelming desire to see her and finally talk to her face to face, I sent her a message and then called her to get directions to her house. I was greeted with such love and warmth by her and her wonderful husband. We sat and talked about life and even death, I knew she had fear of dying but I got the feeling it wasn't for herself but for her family. I could tell this woman was the center of the family, the rock that kept it all rolling. When someone passes on I often remind myself that the Bible says that we should mourn at a birth and rejoice at a death, It's something difficult to do but within that text it reminds us that we are leaving a world of such pain, misery, evil and entering one with incredible love and happiness of which no one on earth can even imagine. I love you Paula, and will be waiting patiently when I meet with you again.

My New Obsession

A while back I happened to catch the show Extreme Couponers on TLC and it completely blew my mind. How these women were able to get so much for their money was unbelievable. I was inspired to do that same myself but found it too difficult an decided to just shop smart and stretch the dollar that way. Well, I decided to give it another go at it an have had much success at it this time around. Mainly due to following the coupon hashtag on Instagram. It was much easier to follow than the many Facebook and websites out there that post the deals daily. I have a stock pile, it's small but I love it and often just go in my utility room to look at it lol.

I'm not at expert level yet but here are some things that help me.

Newbie Nonsense

1. Try to get at least 10 Sunday papers every week. I would also check them first before buying because there are those couponers that like to swipe the inserts without paying *they give the rest of us a bad name*, plus on occasion and sometimes on holidays there will be no inserts so don't waste money on them if there isn't anything to gain.

2. Find a filing system that works for you. I started out with a binder but found myself spending hours clipping coupons so I decided to file the whole insert and then clipping the ones I need. I will eventually clip more and then add to my binder but I'm still finding out what works for me.

3. The binders that are most helpful are the case it ones but any would do to be honest. Along with getting the baseball card sleeves which you can purchase at Walmart. I happened upon these while I was there WalMart Coupon they are great to start out with.

4. Look up coupon hashtags on instagram. examples: #coupon  #extremecouponers  #couponing, these will lead you to people that have found the best deals in real time. Follow me on my Instagram, just search for randijean23.

5. There's an App for that! Yeah, I said it and I don't care, there are lots of apps that will help you coupon. For example ibotta will give you extra savings on products you buy. Check out this video from The Krazy Coupon Lady's . These ladies really know their stuff.


Comic Con -  My Thoughts

I really don't understand all these celebrities dressing as if  this were a red carpet event! All I could think was "you really know who the real nerds are".

Sorry, I just had to get that off of my chest!!!!

Anyway, I really enjoyed watching all of the youtube vids of Comic con, I'm sure one day I will make it out there but with all the coverage, they really make you feel like you're really there. Of course the big news surrounding the event was the announcement of the Superman sequel that will feature Batman sans Christian Bale. I am so excited about this and I want to let everyone know that I feel Richard Armitage would make the best Batman. I really like him as an actor and as a good looking man. I know that they will be picking a veteran actor for Batman which is why I think he would do the role wonders.

Well, until next time ya'll :)

-Randi Jean

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